How To Make Moving Fun For Kids

Top 5 packing songs for moving family. Bottom line…don’t sweat it. 5 simple tips on how to make moving fun for all ages check out this blog postmake moving fun for kids

Remember to greet your family when you arrive at your new home. Take a minute to catch up on any habits that have taken up space in your family room over the years. Also, take time to share new songs from your family’s recording library that will help make moving day more enjoyable. It’ll also relieve your anxiety about tackling the big task of moving.

Pack lightly. Keep all of your fragile items in boxes that are easily replaced in case they break. Teach younger kids to put their things in big cardboard boxes. For older kids and adults, use sturdy cartons or heavier plastic-type bags. Boxes that are too full or too heavy will cause them to break as you maneuver the huge box through narrow passages.

When packing for moving, teach your whole family how to use an unpacking cart. A cart can help make moving easy, especially if you have older kids tagging along. Make it fun for everyone by having each person pick up one item at a time. If you don’t get everyone packed on the same cart, you’ll waste a lot of time trying to keep track of what belongs where. The family can have fun learning to use the cart together.

Have a safety orientation for yourself, your spouse and your kids before the big day. You might want to bring along a friend or two to help. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when making a big move. Have a discussion about the best way to pack and load everything, as well as where you should go during the relocation process.

Moving can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming for the younger kids and adults. You can make moving day fun by teaching them some basic steps for packing boxes and other items. Older kids and adults can learn a lot from moving day with the help of their parents.

Don’t forget to put a good supply of toys, books, clothes and other belongings in the boxes. Many things become valuable during the moving process. You don’t want to have to walk through the entire new place looking for just one thing. You should also ask your movers to put shredded paper, such as newspaper, up on the rafters of the attic so the moving boxes will be covered up. This way they won’t see any marks on the boxes and they will be easier to clean.

While you’re packing your belongings, also make moving day fun by allowing the children to help with the packing. Letting them in on what you are doing and asking their opinions helps them feel involved. Take turns being the pack leader for a bit. Each child will get a box and label it with the name of a sibling. That way they will know what is what when the time comes to remove the boxes from the truck and the move is over.

Another great way to make moving fun for kids is to write them down everything that needs to be packed. Even their suitcase should have information for the movers so they know where to look for items. This way the kids can have a look at what needs to be moved and what has already been packed. By writing everything down, they learn to be more organized and this will make moving a much smoother process for everyone involved.